Well, taking time for your art is like taking time for yourself, isn’t it?

Lana Del Rey

Hey there! Welcome to Enchanted Words. Thank you to each one of you for visiting my page and giving my posts a read. Happy reading:)



Cinderella Reimagined

So this is a piece I wrote for a competition in my school. The theme was to rewrite a classic fairytale with a humorous twist. Well this was my attempt, and I ended up winning third place for this :))…

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Buzzword 2022 Reading Challenge

I’ve always wanted to participate in a reading challenge, and this year I’m doing so!! Although I like the annual Goodreads reading challenge, it’s a bit plain without any prompts. Hence, I was so glad to come across the Buzzword…

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First time cooking in 2022

Okay so I haven’t blogged about my cooking ventures before, so here goes nothing. This was the first time I cooked in 2022, and I decided to make something I hadn’t tried before: Pot-stickers. They’re basically dumplings made on a…

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Who are you?

This is written for the January 2022 Poetry Challenge. This month’s challenge is to write a Haiku with an image(or Haiga) with the themes of time, personal development, and change. You can check out the host’s page here. Thank you…

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Literary Nonsense

Recently, I started reading Alice in Wonderland. All I knew about it was that it’s a children’s classic and to some, seemed kinda trippy. What I did not expect, was it to be a full-blown, Riverdale level, nonsense plot. I…

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Frittata on Jelly

Today, I asked someone to give me a random string of words, because I wanted to write a poem but had no inspiration at all. The phrase I was given was, you guessed it, “Frittata on jelly”. Hope you like…

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I want pizza

Does the title have any relevance to the post? No, it doesn’t. I just want pizza. Moving on. Every year around Christmas, I sit down and write about the important moments of the past year in my diary. It’s kinda…

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2021- in Books and Shows

Most of these aren’t new, but I read/watched them only this year. Here’s my list of recommendations(in the order of my rating)- Books- Memoirs Of A Geisha (Arthur Golden)- This is book is wistful, nostalgic and magical. I know there’s…

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Exam month so far has been in equal parts boring, stressful, and surprisingly, feel-good. Anyone else randomly craving rains? I’m more immersed in grey’s anatomy than ever, and it is very largely because of how relevant and similar the character…

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Not all people stay in your life forever. Even if you want them to. Over the last year, I came to terms with leaving an entire decade behind. A decade of friends, teachers, and my old school. I left behind…

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